Our Vision

43fbb801e85cdb87591ddadebdbfb2d213aaa7The Reagan Ranch Center and The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in California offers historical exhibits and tributes to the life and times of Ronald Reagan, which allow visitors to step into the President’s boots for an experience they can see, hear and touch. Not only can visitors see for themselves the sweeping vistas that inspired his trademark optimism, they can listen to his speeches and even step on board a retired Air Force One aircraft.

A visit in 2009 inspired our founders to begin efforts to similarly create a centre for Lady Thatcher and the Office of Prime Minister, for the purpose of educating future generations through state-of-the-art technology, historical artifacts, and true-to-life replicas in the exhibit galleries.

With its emphasis on using the newest touch-screen technology, the Centre will give visitors the opportunity to tailor their experience to their knowledge level and interests, thereby giving them a first-rate educational experience that will put learning quite literally into their own hands.

As well as serving as a source of education on Lady Thatcher herself, the Centre will also offer an insight into the UK in the 1980s and the role of Prime Minister in the UK.  Visitors will have an opportunity to be photographed in front of a replica door to 10 Downing Street and to sit around the table in the Cabinet Room.

Conor Burns MP, a personal friend of Lady Thatcher who delivered a moving tribute to her in the House of Commons on 10 April 2013, ensured that Lady Thatcher and her closest advisers were fully briefed about the project during her lifetime and she indicated her support for it in writing over the last 4 years. In large part because of her support, The Margaret Thatcher Centre will be able to create one-of-a-kind experiences with the help of many of Lady Thatcher’s colleagues who have offered to participate in our programming and to donate artifacts.

With these important endorsements, we are proud to introduce you to our range of programming, exhibits, and educational programs.

Education: Her Life and Values at Your Hands

The Exhibit Galleries will consist of a number of innovative exhibits designed to highlight and explain the philosophy and values that Margaret Thatcher believed in deeply and which she demonstrated through her private and public life.

Drawing on exhibits loaned by her friends and former colleagues, as well as from partner organisations in Britain and overseas, the Centre will use the newest technology to bring Margaret Thatcher’s legacy, values, impact and achievements to life for the wider public from around the world.

In addition to an orientation film, the exhibits will examine Lady Thatcher’s

  • Values: Family, Life Story and Faith;
  • Principles: Limited Government, Free Markets and Personal Liberty;
  • Leadership: Courage, Decisions and Statesmanship;
  • National Pride: Economic Renewal and Global Leadership (with particular emphasis on the Falklands, the Cold War and the Kuwait conflict);
  • Legacy

Outreach: Engaging the Community at Home and Abroad

To bring the lessons of Margaret Thatcher’s life and era to new generations, the Centre will focus on public outreach to teachers in primary and secondary schools, and to lecturers in colleges of higher and further education throughout the United Kingdom.

The Centre will also partner with U.S. organisations including The Reagan Ranch Centre on international programmes to focus on improving understanding of foreign relations, as well as fostering closer links between scholars and thinkers.

Scholarship: Encouraging Conversation and Debate

The Centre will provide insight and promote analysis of Lady Thatcher’s legacy by encouraging research, debate and scholarship on her life and times, as well as ongoing analysis of the continued influence of her philosophy and ideas.

Programmes will encompass fellowships, support for visiting scholars, and partnership projects with universities in Britain, the United States, and elsewhere around the world.

Media Coverage for The Centre

Since the announcement of its establishment, The Margaret Thatcher Centre has received ample press coverage from news outlets from around the world. The media attention has helped the Centre garner an international base of donors and supporters.