Will you join us as we safeguard the legacy of Margaret Thatcher?

Join Online Today

You can join as a member of the Margaret Thatcher Centre quickly and easily online. We accept all major credit and debit cards. Payment is monthly for a minimum of 12 months.

The above links will open our membership management system in a new tab/window. Our merchant processor for membership payments is Stripe. Your bank statement will show payments to ‘Cherish Freedom’.

Join by Cheque

Cheques can only be accepted as payment for annual membership fees. Please add £10 to your total amount to cover the cost of processing your cheque. Please send the completed cheque to:

The Margaret Thatcher Centre,
c/o Turcan Connell,
1st Floor, 12 Stanhope Gate,

Please enclose your name, address, a contact number and an email address. We will contact you after 12 months with your renewal options.

A note for Pioneers and Existing Grand Committee Members

Membership of the Pioneers Club was a one-time payment when the Centre first launched in 2013. When a Pioneer becomes a Standard Member or a Premium Member they will actually become a Pioneer Member or a Pioneer Premium Member as appropriate. This will allow us to provide additional benefits in recognition of your Pioneer status.

The Grand Committee is a higher level of membership than the Standard and Premium options offered here and includes all the benefits of each tier. It is the highest level of ongoing membership we offer. The Grand Committee offers a range of premium benefits that mean we cannot treat your membership fees as a donation under the rules of the GiftAid scheme.

Your membership of the Margaret Thatcher Centre is will give you the following benefits:

  • Email updates about the Centre’s work and progress.
  • Advance notice of events before release to the general public.

Students and young people under the age of 30 can access a £3/month membership rate. Proof of eligibility is required. 

You can also upgrade to Premium Membership, which includes the following benefits:

  • Opportunities to get discounted tickets for events and functions.
  • First notice of meetings and events before standard members.
  • Priority treatment at events and functions.
  • Access to premium seating options at events.

For even more benefits and opportunities to shape the future of the Margaret Thatcher Centre please consider becoming upgrading to membership of the Grand Committee.